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Office Cabinets

Office Cabinets: 

Office Cabinets are perhaps the most used item in desk sets after the desk. These cabinets, which are designed to put all the files, documents and other office materials of the users, provide a lot of convenience to the users. Back office cabinets are vital for a busy worker with paperwork and filing. The main purposes of office cabinets are to tidy up the clutter and make work areas more efficient. It is very important for prestige that the office cabinets are in harmony with the office suite. Of course, an office cabinet in a different model independent of the team will work for you, but it will not be very suitable in terms of aesthetics and prestige.

Sparkle Back Cabinet Technicial Specifications150x40x220 dimensionsProduced from 100% MDF materialMetal parts electrostatic oven paint or chrome..
12,699.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed explanation and technical specifications about File Cabinet below.Office File Cabinet Technical Specifications18mm MDF materialCentral Locked5 Shelf structureHinges with brakeOffice Cabinets: File Cabinet Detailed DescriptionOffice Cabinet has dimensions of 35x55x180 cm. Our of..
4,299.00TL + KDV
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation about Lykan Office Cabinet below.Lykan Office Cabinet Technical SpecificationsLykan Wood parts are produced from 100% MDF material.Metal parts are first quality chrome plated material.Lwkan Rear Console Cabinet 200x190x55 dimensionsF..
9,586.00TL + KDV
You can find material information and detailed information about the Corner Office Cabinet below.L Corner Cabinet Technical Specifications3 drawers, drawer with telescopic rail central lock,3-door file compartment, hinges with brakeBlack metal handle and aluminum high stand18 mm MDFlam baroque color..
8,964.00TL + KDV
Information about the technical information of the astra office cabinet, which is a part of the Astra Executive team, is given.Astra Office Cabinet Technical Specifications100% MDF Material180x80x41 cm dimensionsMetal Parts electrostatic oven paint or chrome optionsDifferent Color options..
7,999.00TL + KDV
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation about Farfall Rear Console Cabinet below.Farfalla Office Cabinet Technical Specifications100% MDF Material200x70x41 cm dimensionsMetal Parts electrostatic oven paintDifferent Color optionsOffice Cabinet Farfalla : Detailed Descriptio..
7,890.00TL + KDV
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