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Working Chairs

Working Chairs;

 With the development of technology and imagination, hundreds of types of office chair models and seat models with features began to appear. Office chairs are one of the most helpful items in our lives. More than half of our lives are spent in offices and working. For body health and an effective working life, it is necessary to choose office chairs carefully. Office Chairs should have certain features.

Office Chairs Features
The effect of the work chair is great to achieve an efficient work. The 5 basic features of a fully equipped office chair are listed as follows.

1. Seat Width;

Working chairs should be wide enough to fit the human body. Who wouldn't mind using a small-sized seat that it can't fit? Likewise, working in a seat that is designed much larger than body measurements will not please anyone. Office chairs usually have a seat width of 55 to 60 cm. These dimensions generally provide a comfortable fit.

2. Back Width and Lumbar Support;

 Lumbar supports are extremely important for long working hours. Lumbar Supports relieve the load on the spine and put an end to low back pain.

3. Mobility;

 Work chairs should be able to move quickly and offer practical work areas to the user. Seats with forward-backward or up-and-down functions provide a lot of convenience to their users. Wheels used must be of good quality and in fast working condition. Instead of the standard single mechanism, double mechanism seats should be preferred.

4. Material Used:

Office Chairs usually cost a little more than other items. However, for those who want a price-performance product, working chairs made of quality materials will be a better choice. Products that are both healthier and can be used for many years are produced from quality materials. In order to be more economical, low-cost products can be preferred. However, due to their short lifespan, buying a work chair again doubles the cost.

5. Ergonomic Design;

Office chairs designed in accordance with body proportions combine comfort and health. Ergonomic office chairs should be your first choice for a healthier and more comfortable working life. Office chairs that fit the body, are neither too hard nor too soft, and are made of high-quality materials with high mobility can be called ergonomic seats. In fact, the combination of all the features written above defines the ergonomic office chair.

You can find detailed information and technical information about the Mesh Office Chair Adali below.Adali Office Chair Technical Information and Material InformationReinforced piston (130 kg carrying capacity)The seat is made of anti-bacterial, dirt-repellent fabric.Wear-resistant materialDual Mecha..
3,210.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed information and technical specifications about Akse Chief Meeting Chair below.Akse Meeting Chair Technical SpecificationsErgonomic Design and ultra comfort.Anti-bacterial dirt-repellent leather.Carrying capacity up to 130 kg thanks to the chrome conical foot and reinforced pist..
4,030.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed information and technical specifications about Akse Study Chair below.Akse Working Chair Technical SpecificationsPremium quality polyurethane non-collapsing spongeDouble Lever mechanismErgonomic DesignCan be produced in different colors2 Year WarrantyDetailed Description About ..
4,130.00TL + KDV
You can find technical information and detailed information about Aral Chief Meeting Chair below.Aral Office Work Chair Technical InformationDouble lever mechanism.Natural Wood Handles and star feet.Natural lumbar and neck supportFirst quality anti-bacterial, dirt-repellent leather.High density spon..
6,120.00TL + KDV
Ayla shef working chairsForget all the designs you know. Ayla Chief meeting chair has a completely different design. The cylindrical back structure exhibits both a comfortable and aesthetic appearance. Unlike the manager chair, the office chair has a slightly shorter back. Office Chairs generally ha..
5,770.00TL + KDV
You can read the technical specifications and detailed explanation about the Besti Chief Meeting Chair below.Office Chair Technical SpecificationsPremium leatherQuilted back structureNatural wood armrests and legsreinforced pistonNon-Clumping sponge qualityDetailed DescriptionBesti Chief Meeting Cha..
6,460.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed explanation and technical specifications about Beta Study Chair below.Beta Office Work Chair Technical SpecificationsBeta Study Chair Technical SpecificationsDouble MechanismAbrasion resistant meshHigh density sponge. Doesn't Crash.Reinforced piston (130 kg carrying capacity)Be..
2,449.00TL + KDV
Bullhead Study Chair features are given below.Bullhead Working Chair FeaturesWooden armrests and legsDouble MechanismFirst Quality anti-bacterial dirt-repellent leatherHigh Density sponge qualityReinforced PistonDifferent Color OptionsMore informationIf you want an effective working life, the import..
5,690.00TL + KDV
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation about the Capital Working Chair below.Capital Office Work Chair Technical SpecificationsChrome Conical feet.aluminum armsReinforced piston 120 kg carrying capacityAnti-bacterial dirt-repellent leather upholsteryHigh density sponge qu..
4,240.00TL + KDV
Comfort Mesh Chair Comfort Mesh Chair
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation of the Comfort Mesh Working Chair below.Comfort Mesh Working Chair Technical SpecificationsPlastic body and star foot95 kg carrying capacityDifferent mesh color optionsComfort Mesh Working Chair Detailed DescriptionComfort mesh offic..
990.00TL + KDV
Craym Working&Meeting Chair Craym Working&Meeting Chair
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation of the Craym Working&Meeting Chair below.Craym Working Chair Technical SpecificationsPremium quality polyurethane spongeReinforced pistonChrome Conical LegDouble lever control mechanismCraym Working&Meeting Meeting Chair Deta..
1,980.00TL + KDV
Redefine comfort and quality with the Didem Meeting Chair. We have listed the seat features for you below.Didem Meeting Chair FeaturesIt has a large seating capacity and orthopedic design.Dirt-proof, anti-bacterial leather used office working and meeting chairIt has a double mechanism, so you can ad..
5,650.00TL + KDV
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