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Executive Desk Set

Executive Desk Set :

In today's business life, the effect of furniture used in work areas is great. Executive sets are usually office furniture made for heavy-duty type. With the development of technology, we come across hundreds of office suit models. Executive suites are very important in terms of prestige and the image they offer to the other party. Nice, but how can I choose the right office suite when we have so many options? One of the most common mistakes is to avoid cost and buy poor quality products. Do not forget. Your furniture shows your personality and what style you have. If you have a high frequency of hosting guests and looking prestigious is part of your job, you should choose quality office furniture. Otherwise, both your workspaces will be useless and your image will be badly affected. On the other hand, keep in mind that cheap products are more expensive. If we explain, the preferred products will become unusable in a short time because they are affordable. In such a case, you will have to shop again. No one wants to incur a second cost. However, the loss of prestige and image is much more valuable than the money lost. Remember, no one is rich enough to buy cheap goods. It should be added that the most expensive product is not the best quality product. The materials used will reveal the quality of the products. Quality and suitable office suites will add prestige to your workspaces. We usually spend 50-60 hours a week in our offices. In this context, it is very important to create both useful and stylish offices. On the other hand, choosing the most suitable one among hundreds of office furniture models requires extreme care. So, is every office furniture produced in such a variety suitable for every job?

Inside the Industry

We asked the same question to Murat UÇAR, the manager of Alseto Office Furniture, who is one of the sector workers and has been involved in every stage of office furniture production. Stating that it would not be correct to mention a single point to answer this question, UÇAR stated that there are more than one issue to be considered in the selection of Office Furniture.

- Not every ergonomic and useful office furniture produced is suitable for every job. We should pay attention to our table preferences, which are our biggest assistants used in the office, and get to know them well. Even though Executive Staff Teams and Executive Teams are similar in name, they are designed for different purposes. Therefore, it is important to choose office furniture according to the purpose of use. On the other hand, the work area and work habits are a different factor. It will be more accurate to choose office sets according to the dimensions of your office. If you have a small office, I recommend that you do not buy large size office suites. In this case, you may like other furniture that suits your style. Or it would be appropriate to buy the version of the same model produced in accordance with the dimensions of your office. Another factor, working habits, is perhaps the most important factor in choosing office furniture. If there are places where you need to be constantly oriented while working, and if you do not like to sit and get up all the time, you should choose a fast moving office chair. An office suite that keeps the mobility wide and office chairs that allow fast movement should be the reason for preference.

Expert Overview

Stating that every profession has a working system, UÇAR said, “The choice of office furniture is a process that should not be decided without careful thought and research. In addition to the use, health or elegance dimension of the furniture, it should also be suitable for the work done in that office. The importance of first impression in business life is undeniable. It is very important to make your customers or guests feel that they are in the right place.” Uçar stated that it was observed that office furniture was preferred accordingly in sectors where the focus is on the customer and continued as follows:

“For offices with high mobility, the priority is the aesthetic appearance of the office and the comfort and convenience of the guests. In a business environment with more employees, office furniture with more functional and performance-enhancing features is preferred. Let's consider a bank. The preferred furniture should match the requirements of the profession. Color combinations and aesthetics should make bank customers feel comfortable. Office furniture preferred by a law firm and office furniture preferred by a bank should not be the same. While office teams are generally preferred in law offices, managers and personnel teams are preferred more in banks.

-Awesome duo- Ergonomics and Health

In addition to all this, whether it is office sets, desks or staff sets, they are two basic features that should be in all office furniture.” Uçar continued his words as follows. “Workspaces should be as functional, economical and healthy as 

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