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Office Accessories

Office Accessories are practical products that will provide convenience in the work of the users. These products are made of various materials.

It provides many advantages and conveniences in business life. Users who want to create a practical workspace next to modular furniture

They often prefer desktop accessories as a helper. We can list the following as complementary products in office furniture.

  • Desk Sets
  • Pencil Holders
  • Under-desk cable collectors
  • Table Top Socket Boxes
  • Table lighting

What are the Purposes of Use of Office Accessories.

Office accessories are items whose purpose of use varies according to their type. For example,

Desktop desk sets are generally used to store documents and prevent clutter on the table. These products, which are usually made of artificial leather or genuine leather, are very practical products for desktop work. Under-desk cable collectors eliminate the clutter of computers, printers or any other cable and create a more comfortable workspace. Socket Boxes are usually mounted on shelves or meeting tables and provide a lot of convenience by providing electrical connection in the work area.

Office Accessory Advantages

There are many advantages to using office accessories. to sort

  • Increases working performance.
  • Creates a spacious workspace.
  • It helps you create a working order.
Prox Leather Desk Set 8 Pieces Prox Leather Desk Set 8 Pieces
Content list and material information of Prox Leather Desk Set are given below.Leather Desk Set Content ListCovered Black Leather Desk Pen 51x36cm  Coasters (4 Pieces)  Phone Stand (Suitable for all phones)  business card holder  2 Ballpoint Pens  Lacquered shiny metal namep..
799.00TL + KDV
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