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Office Furniture; The office materials and furniture required for each office are different because the working principle and way of each office is different. It is an important difference whether the office work area is in the form of an open office or whether separate rooms are preferred for each staff. Another thing that makes a difference is the purpose of use of office furniture. Thanks to the developing technology and imagination, hundreds of models of office furniture continue to be designed and produced. The important issue is: What kind of office furniture do you need? This is perhaps the first question you will ask yourself when buying office supplies and furniture. Set your priorities. (Cost-quality-performance-aesthetics-ergonomic-health) Then imagine searching or even designing the models you want. At this point, we have the chance to manufacture even the products you have designed with our expert staff. To do this, simply contact us. On the other hand, it is very important that you take care that the office furniture you choose is of the same design and quality. Although there are hundreds of designs and different models, there are certain products used in office environments.

1- Tables

Most of the work done in the office environment is done on the desk. The main purpose of an office desk is to offer its user a spacious and workable surface for all kinds of materials to be used while working. When choosing a table, you will be faced with hundreds of different models and color options. At this point, there are a few key points in choosing the desk you need. Factors such as cost, quality, aesthetics and ease of movement should be considered. There are several types of office desks; work desks, meeting desks, staff desks, office and executive desks are some of them.

3- Armchairs and Sofas

Armchairs and sofas are considered as fixtures of the office environment and are indispensable for working life. After all, you or your guests will spend most of the day sitting in these seats. It is extremely important to choose a healthy, ergonomic and correct seat in terms of performance and efficiency.

 4- File Cabinets

Cabinets can be used to store files, documents or folders in office environments, as well as useful items for putting worktops, computers, printers or various materials. On the other hand, lockers and safes will do the trick for your important documents, check or cash assets, or various documents that you want to keep confidential. They can be produced from wood, steel or iron, as well as in various combinations. Material choices and the purpose of use of the cabinets will be factors that closely concern your budget. Apart from all these, we can count other accessories as complementary products to office materials and furniture. We can count many products such as coffee tables, tabletop illuminators, pen holders, desk sets among them.

Elegand Executive Desk Set- VIP Class Elegand Executive Desk Set- VIP Class
-14 %
ELEGANT Desk Set ELEGANT Table 30 mm Top Table Telescopic Rail Metal Profile Leg (240x90x75)ELEGANT Shelf 30 mm Top Table Telescopic Rail Metal Profile Leg  ( 80x50x80)ELEGANT Coffee Table 30 mm Top Table Metal Profile Leg     ( 80x60x45)ELEGANT Cabinet 30 mm Top Table Metal..
29,900.00TL 34,965.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed explanation and technical details about Mind Hk staff team.Mind Hk Staff Team Technical SpecificationsMind-HK Table Dimensions 160x80x75Mind-HK Shelf Dimensions 80x50x75 With Drawer and Central LockMind-HK Rear Console Cabinet Dimensions 180x40x86 With Sliding DoorMind Hk Coffe..
14,990.00TL + KDV
You can find technical and material information about Akya Decorative Library below.Akya Office Library Detailed InformationWhen it comes to office furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is table sets, office chairs, meeting tables. However, products such as bookcases, hangers, and reception ..
9,490.00TL + KDV
Astra Working Table Astra Working Table
-44 %
You can find technical information and detailed explanation about Astra Work Table below.Astra Desk Technical SpecificationsDesk : 18 mm MDF Electrostatic oven paint metal legs, with file cabinet, with brake hinges 170x170x75Drawe: 18 mm MDF 3 drawers with telescopic rails, Top drawer with lock 91x4..
9,990.00TL 17,990.00TL + KDV
You can find the detailed explanation about the Boss Executive desk setAbout BOSS OFFICE SETWhen it comes to office furniture, the first products that come to mind are usually desks, office sets or office chairs. Office suits are one of the most used items in business life. Executive suits find use ..
32,539.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed information about the Canary staff team below.Technical and Material InformationTable; 30 mm Table top and legs, front curtain 18 mm melamine materialWhatnot; 30 mm Shelf table, high nightstand with one drawer and cupboard, Melamine materialCoffee table; Feet and table 30 mm in..
9,435.00TL + KDV
You can find detailed explanation and technical information about the Captain Luxury Executive Team below.Technical and Material InformationTable; Natural wood veneer on MDF with dimensions of 260x100x75, three drawers under the table, caisson with central locking, fully polished.Drawer; Natural woo..
49,990.00TL + KDV
You can find a detailed explanation about the Classic Executive Team below.Technical Details and Material InformationTable natural veneer 210x90x75, natural wooden lükens legs, two drawers on the right and left of the table, rails with tandem brakes.Rear Console Cabinet with 210x50x110 dimensions, ..
49,990.00TL + KDV
Cupo Tx Meeting TableTable top dimensions 240x100x75It is made of 100% premium MDF material.angled table legs45 degree angled cutting table top.Aluminum socket box.Custom size and color options upon request...
19,990.00TL + KDV
Technical Specifications and detailed explanation about Eko Meeting Table are given below.Eco Meeting Table Technical Details210x90x75 cm dimensionsIt is produced from first quality melamine material.Two-color aesthetic displayIt can easily host meetings of 6-8 people.Eco Meeting Table Detailed expl..
3,999.00TL + KDV
Eldora Executive Set Eldora Executive Set
Featured Product
You can find technical and material information about Eldora Executive Team.Eldora Executive Team Technical and Material InformationTable; 100% MDF shelf with overflow 195x170x75 metal legs electrostatic oven paint 3 drawers with telescopic rails + cabinet under shelvingRear Console Cabinet: 100% MD..
14,990.00TL + KDV
Ellipse Meeting Table
You can find the technical specifications and detailed explanation of the Ellipse Meeting Table below.Ellipse Meeting Table Technical Specifications Table; Top table is 36 mm MDF material. 200x90x75Table legs: 1.5 mm DKP profile metal, electrostatic oven paint          ..
14,900.00TL + KDV
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